Monday, November 24, 2008


figgy and bobo had a little bitch fight 
marius best trick bs nose blunt, good juging guys 
one big ass kickflip 
clare topless dancing with erica 
has had hot water in over a week, so bryce is smelling lovely 
skate a little and drink alot
photo: mike
scuba's up close head
photo: mike
sam's up close head
photo: mike
i dont even know
did jello shoots with this guy
active erica has really clean feet, try it, smell
mike will drink for feet like them
she has a boy friend and clare dosnt might
just a little dirty dance on the seats 
the boys in the house
i wear my sunglasses at night
this photo is for all the free drinks 
have a look at this little yellow guy
bar and grill, thats free food too
sam's got the glasses now, scuba is a good seat
erik getting his solo dance on
and you love that, blacked out jesus flying though the air 
this guy
oh you like that
it's on, and your in that shirt 
little dickey 
dancing with fine bar women 
get on up in there, thats love
loving it
and dirty dance with the seco 
his so down, and thats no joke
she may not look it but she not down
smoking table 
tattoo's, you show them off if you got them. iv got the same tattoo on my back
whos this guy
well that in this guys pocket all the time. mike licks him self
these guys
riders are out
this guy is mike anderson 
road head 
mike will have non of that, in his car
out that window 
heads a flying, and the car is stuck in bloody traffic 
wind hair 
home sweet home 
nice hat keivn
later mate
nice hat stuart 
nice hat megan 

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Natenskate said...

Active Am was Awesome!