Tuesday, November 11, 2008


arm less leo and cairo found a little friend.
there she blows, sun pyramid 
token tourist photo, this looks a little better
drink mean old age
thats a long walk up
it got too hot for leo and had to cool off
atiba and his three cameras were going off
the view over too the moon pyramid 
jim life and dies death wish
the center of the pyramid to get energy 
keegan getting his photo done
beardo in mexico 
cairo and keegan got board of the pyramids and started parking cards
now is a long away back
there is two people there with a death wish
bestmen and son

ass crack
spanky and his pyramid
people look like ants form up here

blog that shit

and there this thing too
our beer loving friend again
gift shop
other gift spot
a shopper
a hat. and a young worker
sleepy heads
this was a real meat lovers place, real animal friendly.
a little red light show
time to go again
off to guadalajara 
greco needs his internet 
nester got black tongue and real sick

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