Tuesday, November 11, 2008


grown men playing little kids games
jimmy thinks very highly of cricket 
baker has a death wish, we welcome jim greco and atiba jefferson to the trip.
banks hubbas what more can you as from mexico 
what a nice looking guy
there is nothing wrong with this photo
how less do you get on top of a phone box?
leo got a horsey.
the red food that, make nester really sick later on that night
that stop that stefan 5.0
death wish
more work less play
atiba at work, good bye anthony acosta you boss will take over form here.
yet other gay moment with cairo, later i found out guy means happy in the usofa
mexican at work
just a few new face tattoos, and same body ones too.
our driver looked out for the vegetarians, with some fruit.
skate rat and the rat park
kicker to big fuck off rail anyone?
yeah i felt a little sick, next 24hr 30 bloody watery shits late good to good
hammer time

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