Friday, November 14, 2008


zero enjoy enjoy ready to rip 
one is better then three. some infront of some  building

bird city 
white blue yellow red green pink white blue yellow pink green red
thats one big ass poon
cairo is pretty fruity 
leo checking out how he looks in his new hat
ice cream 
ghetto flats 
well well look who happens to me in mexico
austin oilles
nester taking a leak 
leo got all raped up 
we had a to right out our names for 3 hours  
boobs, yeah dude
just siting around watching the kids go past 
nester lost his shoe to the crowed 
kids for days 
licking tits
poon tits
yes we do
gather around 
look what i can do
poo pants 
buckets of beers 
leo's sweet ass
mother of four 
bothers on a skate trip
more ass
every one was kissing everyone
smoke time

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